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The bodyboard is a kind of shortened surfboard. In contrast to the surfboard, it is not driven standing but lying or on the knees (drop knee). With its different kind of waves, Madeira is an excellent place to learn this sport or to gain more experience in it.



1 PersonCourse50,- Euro
1 PersonPrivate lessons80,- Euro


  • Daily
  • Renting material on request
  • Transfer on request

Bodyboard is still a rather unknown sport in Central Europe, whereas in Spain and Portugal this sport has already many followers.  On Madeira there are plenty of bodyboarders who use the different waves to perfect their skills.


The course takes place in Porto da Cruz. Here the waves are relatively low and there is easy access to the sea. After a theoretical briefing (rules and security) you go to the sea, where the right "riding on the waves" is practised.

There is a maximum of 6 people in each group, so that a very individual course can take place. In addition to first-class lessons, there will be a lot of fun.

Procedure: Theoretical briefing (rules & security) - warming uop - practical class

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Incl. equipment
  • Price: € 50,-
  • Transfer on request

Private lessons:

This very individual couse takes place in Calheta. One of the most expereinced surfers/bodyboarder of the island will teach you. This course is not only for beginners but also for regular and experiencet bodyboarders.

Duration: 2:30 hours

Price for 1 person: 80,- Euro/person

Price with 2 persons: 50,- Euro/person

Rental of material:

Bodyboards and neoprene suits can be rent on request.

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