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Dolphin and whale watching from Machico

Dolphin and whale watching from Machico:

Most recently, dolphin and whale watching trips are also offered from Machico. Machcio is only a few kilometers from Caniçal, where the former whaling station used to be. This is a good sign that many whales have been spottetd here and are being spotted very frequently after the whaling stopped in 1981. Ideal for those who stay in the east of Madeira. It is also the possibility to go snorkeling with the dolphins.


AdultDolphin and whale watching45,- Euro
Child 5-12 yearsDolphin and whale watching25,- Euro
Max. 12 peoplePrivate Charter, 2 hours250,- Euro

  • Daily at 09:00h and 15:00h
  • "Snorkeling with dolphins" possible free of charge
  • Explonation to the spotted animals in english and french
  • Children up to 5 years free

All year round you can watch dolphins and whales off the coast of Madeira. Near the coast the Atlantic has already a depth of 3000m which means a perfect habitat for a lot of different marine life as for example Ocean dolphins, bryde's whales, sperm whales, pilot whales, blue whales, minke whales, humpback whales, false killer whales, orcas, toothed whales, short-beaked common dolfins, striped dolfins, spotted dolfins, bottlenose dolfins and more.

From Machico with a speedboat:

Daily at 09:00h and 15:00h

The "Scorpaena" is a speedboat with a  range and space for max. 12 guests and 2 crew members. On board there is a marine biologist or scout on each trip, who tells you more about the sighted animals.

Price: 45,- Euro

Children 5-12 Jahre: 25,- Euro.

When sighting certain types of dolphins, it is possible to swim with them. There are no extra costs. A snorkeling mask can be borrowed for a surcharge of € 5,-.

The speedboat can also be chartered privately. The price for 2 hours is € 250,-. Longer charter possible on request. 

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