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Stand Up Paddeling

With the stand up paddeling, or just called SUP or standing paddles, the SUP rider moves forward standing on a surfboard with a paddle. This trend-based water sport is originally based on Polynesian fishermen who fished in ffront of Hawaii, paddling on a longboard. There are also more and more SUP enthusiastics on Madeira, as the Atlantic offers excellenty conditions for beginners as well as for advanced.


1 PersonCourse50,- Euro


  • Daily courses
  • Duration: 2 hours, max. 6 people in a group
  • Renting of materia on request
  • Transfer on request
  • Tour incl. snorkeling: € 60,-

Stand up paddeling or SUP is becoming increasingly popular with all water lovers. Since this sport can be operated with relatively little effort and is also easy to learn, it is a great fun for the whole family. It is important to keep the balance. Because of the use of the whole body, the entire musculature is trained without stressing the joints. 

Course and tour:

The lessons take place in Porto da Cruz. Here the waves are relatively low and there is easy access to the sea. After a theoretical introduction, you are training to get up on the board, which is a little bit tricky to keep the balance. After a few "dry exercises" it goes to the sea. Already after a short time you get a feeling for the right physical posture. During a tour along the coast you can train the learned. It´s also possible to go snorkeling at this tour.

The courses are supervised by a licensed surf and SUP instructor and takes place in groups of maximum 6 paticipiants so that a very individual course s guaranteed. Of course the fun is not too short.

  • Duration (course and tour): 2 hours
  • Price: € 50,-
  • Tour incl. snorkeling: € 60,-
  • Transfer to Porto da Cruz on request

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