Big Game Fishing in Madeira

The deep waters of Madeira (where the game fish can be found) are only at approximately 5 minutes cruising from either the Funchal or Calheta marinas (where the boats are based). Fishing is good all year round with Albacore and Big Eye Tuna showing up first (present most of the year) followed by the Spearfish and White Marlin. Blue Marlin appear from around June onwards until early October and the fish range from 400lbs up to over 1,000lbs! Mahi Mahi can be found during the summer months and provide great sport on light tackle. World record Wahoo are the last to show in September and they usually hang around until the beginning of the following year. If you're a beginner, intermediate or expert I am sure we can help you organize the right boat, the right crew and the right price.


If you are not familiar with big game fishing techniques to catch marlin and big tuna you may be a little suprised to learn that when you step onboard you're not handed your rod for the trip. The crew will set out 4 to 5 heavy tackle rods that can range from 50lb class to 130lb class. They may also set up a smaller rod of around 20 to 30lb class and this may be used later on as a 'stinger' bait. The technique consists of trolling up to 8 hours at 6 to 8 knots over known fish producing areas (normally where the baitfish likes to hang out). Consequently there will be, if a fish takes a lure, a huge adrenalin rush in everyone onboard as a fish that can easily weigh over 1,000lbs takes flight and rips line off the reel so fast you won't be able to see what is happening! After that just listen to the crew´s instructions and maybe 20 minutes later you'll have the opportunity to see this magnificent creature alongside the boat. In general all boats in Madeira practice 'Catch and Release' for all billfish.

OTHER TYPES OF FISHING • Jigging • Light tackle trolling • Bottom fishing • Live bait fishing

OTHER NOTABLE FISH IN MADEIRA WATERS SPEARFISH Tetrapturus Belone Season - May to September Current all-tackle record for Mediterranean Spearfish: 90 pounds, 13 ounces Madeira Island, Portugal June 2, 1980 - See more at:

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