Fishing in Madeira

The diversity of species in the waters around Madeira attracts more and more passionate fishermen but also occasional anglers on the island.

In addition to the popular big game fishing, sports anglers and, more recently, spear fishermen are also getting their money's worth.

In recent years, some of the world's largest blue marlin have been caught in Madeira's waters. This is also reflected in the results of the annual Blue Marlin World Cup, which takes place on 4 July: the victory was taken to Madeira in 2015, 2016 and 2019. The season for the Blue Marlin begins in Madeira in May and ends in October, with an average weight of approx. 700 lbs per fish. About one in every ten Blue Marlin caught is a "Grander", a 1000 lb or more fish, the dream of any big game angler. Fishing in a year-round pleasant climate, all in a safe, civilized, European country, then you can certainly understand why Madeira has a reputation for being one of the best Blue Marlin fishing areas in the Atlantic. 

Of course, there are also a variety of other "big fish" on Madeira, e.g. yellowfin or white tuna (from April to October) and white marlin (from June to October).

Furthermore, you will find in the fish-rich waters of Madeira: Blue Shark, Hammerhead, Marlin, Swordfish and Wah

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