Madeira offers excellent conditions not only for hikers but also for runners with its fantastic landscape. There are trails for every requirement. We offer a wide selection of guided trails for beginners, advanced and professionals that will take you to the most beautiful spots of the island. The best way to explore Madeira.

In recent years, trail running has found more and more followers worldwide. In the meantime there are already championships in this sport, among others the UTWT (Ultra World Trail Tour). A section of this world-run championship takes place in Madeira. On 115km 7,300 metres of altitude have to be overcome. In 2019, about 2500 runners from 45 nations took part. Proof that Madeira is ideal for this sport, as it offers the most diverse trails: ground-level along the Levadas genuso as steeply uphill and downhill. The underground varies from uneven forest, meadow and gravel paths to stone and boulder paths to trails over volcanic rock. A challenge for experienced trail runners as well as for those who want to slowly get into this sport.





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