Jet Ski / Funchal Calheta Camara De Lobos

Jet Ski Tours

Embark on an exciting adventure guided tour along the south coast of Madeira Island, with a stunning views of black beaches and coastlines, driving your self a jet ski.

It's safe, easy and exciting and no licence or experience required. Feel the adrenaline driving your self the jet ski. In a reserved area on the sea you can drive the jet ski with no experience or license required. We show you all operation and handling, issue you with life jackets, give you safety briefings and we show you all the tricks and manoeuvres.

All tours have a duration of approximately 2 hours and a minimum of 1 hour engine running.



People Service Price
1 Person/Jet Ski Guided tour 160,-/Jet Ski
2 Person/Jet Ski Guided tour 180,-/Jet-Ski
  • Daily at 10am and 2:30pm
  • From Funchal



With up to 60 mph chasing over the Atlantic - an extrem thrill. On Madeira it's allowed to drive a jet ski or better a jet boat (jet ski is a registered trademark from Kawasaki) without a boat licence. Our tours are taking place on so-called "Seaters", with space for 2 people. A professional jet ski driver will guide the tour and show you the right handling. After a short period you are already able to drive this very agil vehicles and you can enjoy the ride on the waves. You should bring swimsuit and a towel.

It is also possible to change drivers while driving, so that when there are two people on a jet ski, everyone can have fun steering the vehicle.

Children from 12 years are allowed to drive a jet-ski when accompanied by an adult. 

Daily at 10am and 2:30pm


1 person/jet-ski = € 160,-

2 person/jet-ski = € 180,-

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