Flyboard/Parasailing / Funchal


Fly over the water hanging from a paraglider. Let yourself be carried freely through the air and enjoy great views of the coast of Madeira. Pure fun and thrills for the whole family.



People Service Price
1 Person/parachute Parasailing 60,- Euro
2 Person/parachute Parasailing 80,- Euro
3 Person/parachute Parasailing 100,- Euro
Passanger Boattrip 15,- Euro
  • June to September daily
  • Max. 3 people/parachute (max. 200kg)
  • From 6 years


Experience the exciting feeling of flying over the sea with a parachute. Enjoy great views of the breathtaking scenery of Madeira's south coast. Fly alone, as a couple or as a third party. Professional and experienced staff ensure a safe and enjoyable flight.

You do not need any previous experience for parasailing. You will receive an exact briefing before the flight.

You go out to sea by boat. At the stern of the boat there is a platform that forms the take-off and landing point for your flight. Here you are attached to seat belts under the umbrella and off it goes into the air. 

A unique holiday adventure that will also be a lot of fun for your children.


1 person on the parachute: € 60,-

2 people on the parachute: € 80,-

3 people on the parachute (max. 200kg): € 100,-

Accompanying person on the boat: € 15,-



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