Terms and Conditions


The travel company RMK TOURS, Agencia de Viagens e Turismo , (hereinafter RMK TOURS ) acts as intermediary individual tourism services in services (flights ) , other single tourist services (eg hotel accommodation, apartments, hotels , rental cars) .In case of booking the contract the journey in question is concluded exclusively between you and the respective touroperator.

Therefore, the following terms apply exclusively for our brokerage activities and have no influence on the conditions under which they take place through travel . The references to the terms and conditions of the tour operator or airline which reference is made . For travel and tourist arrangements in which the RMK TOURS travel agency acts as self- promoters (these are shown separately as a proper event) , the terms and conditions contained or enclosed in the brochures are produced for this purpose .

1. Conclusion of the contract
Your order for us to get a promotion or any other single tourism service , in writing, orally , by fax or via online services . By accepting your writing, by telephone , via online - services made ​​or personal booking by the RMK TOURS travel agency comes between you and the travel agency a contract . To your booking order you are to the receipt by us , but bound at the latest 7 days after date of registration. After and before receipt of the booking by the travel agency within the above period, the relevant provisions of the organizer and the present provisions for cancellations and changes to a booking order apply . With the registration of additional passengers / inside you undertake to vouch for their contractual obligations ( in particular for the payment of the tour price ) as well as for your own obligations. The contractual arrangements and the "Terms and Conditions" listed here are valid for all passengers . The acceptance of the booking order by RMK TOURS travel agency in writing, orally , by fax or via online services . The contractual duty of RMK TOURS travel agency is the proper procurement of transport services booked or booked individual tourism services . The services booked as such is not part of the duties of the travel agency.

2. Liability of RMK TOURS travel agency as an intermediary
The data on transport mediated or mediated tourism services based solely on information provided by the responsible service provider to the travel agency , they do not own assurance of the travel agent to the tour participants dar. In the mediated services, the travel agency is not liable for the performance of services by foreign service providers or carriers , but only for the proper procurement of travel services and for the proper disclosure of the information by the service provider to the subscriber.

3. Modification / Cancellation
You can withdraw at any time prior to departure of the trip , but cancellation charges may apply up to 100% of the tour price . Cancellation and changes can only be made via RMK TOURS. The withdrawal can be made by email to info@madeira-rmktours.com with quoting your booking reference . We recommend you to cancellation by registered mail ( Apartado 51, 9370-133 Calheta , Madeira - Portugal). The transfer of an intermediary service can only be deemed a withdrawal and subsequent conclusion of a new contract if the service provider does not offer a favorable opportunity for the customer . Cancellation fees are stated in the tariff descriptions of the respective offer of the service provider . A partial refund for but not used in sections is excluded. As far as is listed in the individual tour descriptions stipulates otherwise, our claim for cancellation fees: to 15 days before departure 25 % of tour price 14-8 days prior to departure 50 % of tour price from 7 days before departure 75 % of the price . The RMK TOURS travel agency reserves the right to charge the customer all costs to the travel agency found during a transfer from elsewhere in invoice plus a handling fee of up to 25 € per person into account.

4. Tariff and price changes
the travel agency is authorized to act on behalf of the airline to increase the fare, if unpredictable, and after the conclusion of increase following stated price components due to circumstances that are not attributable to the travel agency or the airline or the service provider , or newly created : currency exchange rates , tariffs and prices ( notably oil price-hike ); regulatory fees or regulatory fees , such as airport security and landing fees. The price increase is only permitted if there is a period of more than four months between the conclusion of the contract and the start of the journey. The fare may be increased only to the extent that it corresponds to the increase in the cost components. the travel agency is obliged to explain the book ends on request reasons and extent of the price increase. the travel agency has the participant at the latest but notify any price increase 21 days prior to departure. The resignation must be declared immediately.

5. Performance changes
For important reasons necessary changes to the routing of flights, the conversion of non-stop flights to flights with a stopover , or transfer flights or vice versa, as well as flight times or date changes to 48 hours, use of other aircraft , change of departure or arrival airports and exchange the airlines are due to the international air traffic regulations are subject to the service providers . Similarly, other changes in the travel services made ​​on the basis of official statement. In these cases, the registrant is not entitled to free to withdraw from the agreement concluded with the travel agency travel agency contract . There is also no claim against the Travel Agency arising in these cases, additional costs or consequential damages. Should it be in the messages flights to charter flights or scheduled flights deals , the service providers can adapt to changing market conditions prices according to their contractual provisions valid . If this adjustment have raised prices , it is forwarded by the travel agency to the customer. In the event that the price increase exceeds 10% of the originally agreed travel price , the customer has the option of the free withdrawal. Any further claims are excluded.

6. Passport, visa , customs , foreign exchange, and health regulations
Each registrant / traveler is responsible for compliance with all applicable domestic and foreign entry and exit , health , passport and visa regulations . The extent of the travel agency from the existing systems ( START Amadeus ) to the above provisions information will be provided , we assume that the participant is a German citizen , if another citizenship is not obvious or we are told by the participant. As part of our statutory duty to provide information we give you on the above points conscientiously information . For compliance with the relevant passport, visa , customs , foreign exchange, and health regulations , however, the traveler is responsible . Costs and damages resulting from your failure to comply with regulations , at your expense . The travel agency is not liable for the timely issuance and receipt of the necessary visas from the respective diplomatic representative if the registrant / traveler instructed the travel agent to procure , unless the travel agency is responsible for the delay .

7. Payment
For all transferred by the travel agency travel and travel services payment prior to departure and at the latest upon delivery of the documents must be made . Without prior payment or payment upon collection of the documents may no shipping or delivery of documents erfolgen.Ob and in what amount a deposit is required and when it is due, shall be provided separately on the booking confirmation . For scheduled flights , the payment period is the basis for ticketing. For appointments is lying when booking over 21 days in the future the payment period 3 days (including Sun and public holidays). Upon departure dates within the next 21 days , the payment must be on the same day or after 17.00 clock present as Bank Transfer Confirmed for ticketing on the next day to 12.00 clock . Or as cash payment at one of our agency locations. Payment by credit card can only in individual cases - after consultation with the airline - will be accepted at IATA tickets. The sending of tickets is at the risk of the recipient. On request the dispatch of tickets by UPS or registered mail carried the additional fees will be charged . With Charter Tickets The normal payment terms of the respective Veranstalter.Storno , rebooking and handling charges are stated on the reservation confirmation and due immediately.

8. Limitation of
Liability For damages in connection with the mediation activity , irrespective of the legal reason , the RMK TOURS travel agency is only liable in case of intent or gross negligence.

9. Recognition
By the booking at the travel agency to the traveler the above Travel conditions without limitations recognized. Verbal agreements are invalid.

10. Ineffectiveness of a condition of travel
The invalidity of individual provisions of the mediation agreement shall not invalidate the entire contract. The ineffectiveness of the arranged travel contract does not affect the mediation agreement . The invalidity of one of the terms and conditions set does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions .

11. Jurisdiction The registrant / traveler can sue the RMK TOURS travel agency only at its headquarters . In proceedings of the travel agency against the declarant / traveler 's place of residence is decisive , unless the suit is directed against entrepreneurs or persons who have no general jurisdiction in Germany or people who changed their residence or habitual residence abroad after conclusion of the contract or whose domicile or habitual residence at the time of action is not known. In these cases, the seat of the RMK TOURS travel agency shall prevail.

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