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Buggy Tours

Experience a whole new kind of freedom with our buggies. Without a roof, you have unlimited outdoor fun and are close to nature in Madeira. With the off-road vehicles you can reach some of the highlights on Madeira as well as completely unknown and remote places. The flexible suspension and the 500cc off-road buggy motor give you access to the most remote spots on the island. An adventurous experience that you will think about for a long time. Fun for the whole family.

The tours will be led by an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide who will give you a safety check as well as an exact introduction to the specifics of buggy driving.




Buggy Service Price
Max. 2 people 2-2,5h Tour 130,- Euro
Max. 2 people 2,5-3h Tour 160,- Euro
  • Every day
  • Valid driving license necessary
  • Max. 2 persons per buggy
  • From 7 years
  • Free pick up from Funchal, Caniço and Machico
  • Pick up from other locations possible for a fee
  • Suitable for cruise ship guests

On these tours, you will come by buggy on off-road routes to spectacular locations in Madeira. Pure adventure in small groups with a professional tour guide, who will show you some tricks in handling the buggy on the way. Off-road over bridges, through water, in the mud, ...

Tour 1- Ocotea ("Laurel"):

This off-road route takes us along some of the island's most original trails. We explore the mountains in the north and arrive in one of the most beautiful valleys of the island, which is framed by the highest peaks, the Pico do Arieiro and the Pico Ruivo, and which can only be reached on foot or by jeep. Marvel at some of the island's oldest laurel trees. Geocachers also have some interesting caches hidden here.

  • Daily at 09:00h
  • Duration: 2,5 hours
  • Price: 130,- Euro/buggy

Tour 2 - Dust and Mud:

The tour starts at the lookout point in Portela, in the north of the island. From here we go off-road to Porto da Cruz, Faial and along the impressive eagle rock with stunning views over the northern coast of Madeira. In the magical laurel forest of Funduras you can admire a variety of endemic flora and fauna.

  • Daily at 14:30h
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price: 160,- Euro/buggy



Further information:

Our buggies are very eco-friendly vehicles (only 10g CO2 / km). They have an automatic gearbox and a 500cc engine and are in very good condition. The safety of our guests is our top priority, but of course the fun factor is definitely not too short.

Before each tour, an accurate briefing takes place to ensure safety. They receive rain combos as clothing protection. Nevertheless, you should wear clothes / shoes during the tours, which may also get wet and dirty.

On each tour several stops are inserted, where a driver change is possible and photos can be taken. On the way you will learn from the guide of the tour much interesting about the country and people, the vegetation, the culture, etc ....

The tours are not recommended for:

  • People with spine and heart problems
  • pregnant woman
  • Children under 7 years


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