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Carnival on Madeira

The Carnival we celebrated on Madeira extensively. The highlight here is the big parade on Saturday evening. Elaborately decorated carriages and groups in colorful dresses turn the city into a big party. It is not without reason that the carnival on Madeira is often compared to the famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.



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The Madeira Carnival is one of the most beautiful in Europe and is celebrated by the Madeirans. Events and festivals take place all over the island. The highlight of the carnival is the allegorical procession on Carnival Saturday. Thousands of participants in colorful costumes dance to samba sounds and express the joie de vivre of the people on the island. Accompanied by spectacularly decorated cars. Hardly anyone can escape the joy and rhythm of the carnival groups. Enjoy this unique spectacle best from one of the built on the roadside bleachers.

The next carnival parades take place:

26th of February 2022 (cancelled)

18th of February 2023

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