Kajak Tours / Funchal

Kayak Tours from Funchal

Get to know the sea on an exciting and intense way. Paddle with guides along the south coast of Madeira. You don't need any experience in canoeing. We offer you different half and full day trips.


PersonHalf Day35,- Euro
PersonFull Day80,- Euro

• Full day tours including lunch
• Bring with you: bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, T-shirt and sandals
• Provided: kayak, paddle, life jacket, snorkel
• Free photos of the tour

Kayaks are boats which are driven with a double paddle while sitting in the direction of travel. Originally these fast and agiles boats have been used by the eskimos for hunting. Today they offer you the best way to move if you love nature. You can enjoy the closeness to nature and the direct contact with the surface of the sea without any prior knowledge of this sport.

After equipping with the kayaks and the life jackets you will get an introduction in handling kayaks. Thereafter the kayaks are lowered into the water and there you go...

Half day tours (3-4 hours):

Tour Lazareto (min. 2 people)

Lazareto -  Garajau (nature reserve) - Lazareto

Tour Fajã dos Padres (min. 4 people)

Câmara de Lobos - Fajã dos Padres - Câmara de Lobos

Full day tours (7 hours including lunch):

Tour Fajã dos Padres (min. 4 people)

Ribeira Brava - Fajã dos Padres - Câmara de Lobos

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