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Big Game Fishing

The Coast of Madeiras is the perfect area for Big Game Fishing due to the calm and warm waters of the gulf strom.

You may be able to catch Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Swordfish, Big Eye Tuna, Tuna, Blue Tuna, White Tuna , Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) and Wahoo.

In 2015 and 2016 Madeira did win the world title of the Blue Marlin World Cup. In 2016, a Blue Marlin weighing of nearly 1.000lb was caught.






Boat :   Service:       Price:
Per Boat 4 hours from 400,- Euro
Per Boat

8 hours

from 950,- Euro
Per Fisherman 4 hours from 175,- Euro
Per Fisherman 7 hours from 230,- Euro



  • Every day
  • Prices include captain, fishing gear and bait
  • Incl. Drinks & Snacks / Lunch
  • Tours from Funchal and Calheta 







Deep sea fishing in Madeira is the ultimate experience for any angler. There are several reasons why fishing in Madeira has become so popular. The pleasant climatic conditions are certainly reason number one for that. Due to the warm Gulf Stream, especially the months March to October of every year are ideal.

One of the most popular fish in deep-sea anglers is the Blue Marlin, which can reach up to 500 kg in weight. You will not forget the fight for such a fish so fast. If you manage to bring it in, your fishing heart is full.

Whether you are a seasoned deep sea fisherman or a novice fisherman. The chances for a capital catch are really high off the coast of Madeira. In addition to the huge Blue Marlin, the bluefin tuna, which reaches up to 360 kg, and the bigeye tuna, which is around 115 kg, are caught very often.

On Madeira you can choose between chartering a boat for 4 or 7 hours or participating in a deep-sea fishing trip. All boats are equipped with the most advanced equipment for big-game fishing.

Big-Game-Fishing from Funchal

Boat charter (max 6 persons)

  • 4 hours incl. Drinks & snacks: € 650,- or € 700,-
  • 7 hours incl. Drinks, Snacks & lunch: € 950,- or € 1.000,-

Charter participation

Max. 6 fishermen

Prices for 4 hours (including drinks and snacks):

  • Fisherman € 175, -
  • Accompanying person € 30,- or € 40,-

Prices for 7 hours (including drinks, snacks & lunch):

  • Fisherman € 230,- or € 235,-
  • Accompanying person € 50,- or € 60,-


Big-Game-Fishing from Calheta

Boat charter (max 4 people)

  • 4 hours incl. drinks: € 400,-
  • 8 hours incl. drinks & snacks: € 950,-

Mixed fishing: deep sea fishing + sport fishing (max. 4 people)

  • 8 hours incl. drinks & snacks: € 950,-




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